Monday, July 30, 2007

Border Town Days!

We just got back from a great weekend in Muleshoe. All of Zach's family was able to be there, and the boys were the stars of the show!

Here are some pics of the weekend. You can really tell that the boys had a rough weekend. Pssshhh!

Gini (Aunt Vigi) and Will

Aunt Terah and Levi. Look at that sweet smile!

Mamanita and Will. She was helping him with his little gas problem. He looks pretty content!

Aunt Shelley and Levi.

Aunt Cori (Aunt Marge, Uncle Steve, Uncle Dwight) and Will. Gettin' some lovin'.

Aunt Sarah (Aunt JoJo, Aunt Rotzie *like Paparazzi because of the picture taking. By the way, she provided all of these pics on this blog.) and Levi

Great Gamama and Will.

Aunt Heather feeding Levi.

Will (in the I'm Hungry shirt) and Levi got to meet their Cousin Braylee! She is 4 weeks old and ADORABLE! Many pictures were taken that afternoon

Landon (Uncle Ted) and Levi taking a nap.

Great Grandaddy and the boys! He loved on them!

Papa Sheets and his boys with Zach and his boys. Three generations.

Me and Levi napping. That was a gooooood nap.

All the girls. Heather, Mamanita, Sarah, Cori, Terah, Shelley, Gini, and me!

Coaching shorts that should be illegal. The guys decided to put these on and parade around Muleshoe. Sick!
Andy, Zach, Landon and Ben.

My favorite two boys. Levi on left and Will on right. I do have to say that this picture is the most alike they have EVER looked to me.

It was such a fun weekend where the boys got spoiled and I got spoiled too! They are already in withdrawls from being held all the time. If you have facebook, you can check out more photos on Sarah's profile. The boys are 11 weeks old, and getting more and more precious everyday!


cassie said...

How fun! You are so blessed to have married into such a big and wonderful family!

The boys are precious and getting so big. I love their smiles!

I also love the big guys tan lines in their coaching shorts...too funny:)

*Courtney* said...

You're right Kara, that bottom pic they really do look so much like you! How fun!

I love getting to spend time with family and yours is so big! That means more love to spread around! :)

Kate said...

Sarah took great pictures! She captured some pretty sweet moments with the boys smiling and snoozing with their biggest fans. They're getting cuter and cuter. And the coaching shorts picture...well, there really are no words to describe it! I'm glad y'all had a fun and relaxing weekend!

JENNY said...

I love the pictures, especially the last one. They definitely look alike! Sounds like you had a relaxing weekend. That picture of you and Levi napping makes me want to take a nap right now!

Kenli Shea said...

Love the last outfits, perfect.

Val said...

Finally something in Muleshoe that is worth taking pictures.

Summer said...

Great pictures of the boys and the fam! Glad ya'll had such a good weekend. Levi's eyes seriously crack me up. That kid is intense! How can it be that they are cuter every time I see them?

Gini said...

This weekend was so fun. I'm glad you and the boys came! I love you and I love your blog!

You are a great mom!! Keep it up.

sarah jo said...

I am so glad you have this blog! I always look forward to reading it. Love you!