Monday, June 11, 2007

Good Morning!

After the boys wake up in the morning, this is what I get to see. I think they are absolutely hysterical during their "awake time". Levi will look around the room with his HUGE eyes, and Will just stares off into space. Right now they are side-by-side on their blanket mesmerized by the ceiling fan.

Will on left, Levi on right.

Good Morning Levi!

Good Morning Will!

The boys got to meet their great grandparents this weekend! Zach and I both agree that our boys are so lucky to have the opportunity to meet all of their great grandparents. Will initiated his great grandma by spitting up on her within the first few minutes of her holding him. (Just so you know Grandma- that means that he loves you very much!)

I have been asked by a lot of people how the boys are sleeping at night. I thought I would post our schedule from last night to give an idea of what the nights look like.

9:30 pm- Feed boys
10:30 pm- Finished feeding. Hoping they will go to sleep. They don't.
11:30 pm- Both boys still awake and very hungy already. Feeding starts.
12:30 am- Finished feeding, burping, diapering. Both boys asleep!
3:00 am- Both boys awake and hungry. Feeding starts.
4:00 am- Finished feeding, burping, diapering. Both boys asleep!
6:00 am- Will wakes up to eat. Feed him first, then Levi.
7:00 am- Finished feeding, burping, diapering. Both boys fall asleep again! YAY!
9:15 am- Will wakes up with gas and cuddles with mom for 20 minutes until he gets hungry. Feed Will first, then Levi.
10:00 am- Finished feeding. Both boys wide awake (pictured above). Mom gets out of bed.

Overall, it was a great night! Over the weekend, both the boys slept for almost 5 hours one night. I am hoping they will make a trend of that. Until then, there will be more nights like last night.

A little shout out to some special people! Courtney will hopefully have sweet Savannah very soon, and my cousin Angie will be having her girl any day now!!! I am thinking of you girls and hoping you have wonderful deliveries and healthy baby girls!


mother brown said...

You mentioned how your boys still have ALL their great-grandparents and it got me to thinking about what a unique phenomenon that would have been in the past. By the time I was a teen, I had only one grandma- that's it. I loved her so much and had such great fun with her, but missed out on the wisdom and time and love with my other grandparents- much less Greatgrandparents. I really WANT to be a good grandmother- fun, loving, patient, and supportive. So, what are the BEST things grandparents should do and should be these days??

Emily said...

According to my boss (new father of twin boys just about 2 months older than yours), the Miracle Blanket has worked wonders with nighttimes. They used to have a schedule that sounded exactly like yours until another guy at work told him about The Miracle Blanket and he has said that $60 (29.95 each) was the best money he's ever spent. :)

Heather said...

Kara, I know you've only briefly met me once, but you know my mom, Lana Trietsch. You mentioned Courtney having that Courtney Bryan in Forney? I go to church with her!

JENNY said...

WOW. Your schedule seems exhausting. I bet you love it, though! Will and Levi are so cute. I love seeing their personalities in your pictures!

*Courtney* said...

Thanks for the shout out Kara! :)