Thursday, May 31, 2007


My mom took this picture a couple days ago. Both of the boys were awake and having bonding time. It looks like Levi (right) is about to punch Will! Funny boys!

Things have begun to slow down and smooth out. My body is getting used to a different sleep schedule, and I think the boys are getting used to sleeping more at night (let's keep our fingers crossed on this one). Their little personalities keep us laughing a lot!

Will- this guy loves to be held and snuggled. His favorite place is burrowed into someone's chest or shoulder. His favorite awake time is in the evening, and he will sit in his boppy and focus on one place- staring at it for a looong time. When he does this, we say that he is in "The Zone". His favorite time of the day is anytime right after being fed. Will has a little issue with swallowing air when he eats which causes some really bad gas pains. Poor guy has a hard time about an hour after every feeding, but it's nothing a little Infant's Mylicon can't handle. He is a daddy's boy.

Levi- this dude is Mr. Independant. He is the one who can be passed around for hours and not mind at all OR you can set him down anywhere and he will be happy! Right now, he is just hanging out by himself in the pack n play- just looking around and grunting every once in a while. Eventually, he will just fall asleep. Levi's favorite awake time is in the morning, and he will open his eyes so much you can see the white around his whole eye, and he will look around the whole room with his forehead all wrinkled up! He makes funny faces all the time- during sleep, while nursing, when he's awake...etc. I think he knows that people are contantly watching him! He is a mama's boy.


Nate & Terah said...

I love hearing about their little personalities!! So much fun. This picture is pretty cute...even Levi's face looks like he's getting ready to punch something. Can't wait to see you all again soon. BTW - I just read your comment on my blog...the pictures of Nate hit me hard too. I opened the one of him sleeping in the cargo plane while I was on the phone with him, and had to gulp hard to keep the tears back. It makes it all a little too real.

*Courtney* said...

Oh how fun! That is so neat how God gives twins their own personalities and that you can already tell them! :)

Candy said...

They are so precious!!!

JENNY said...

That's so fun! I loved reading about their personalities. I especially love the picture of Levi punching the air. what cute kids!