Wednesday, March 14, 2007

28 Weeks Accomplished...8 Weeks Left

That's right folks...I made it to my second milestone- 28 weeks. Guess what??? I still feel GREAT! Here are some of the questions/comments I am getting these days:

1. from a man at a basketball game that I have never met: "Let me guess...March 18th?" It took me a few seconds to realize he was trying to guess the due date. me: "umm...not quite. More like June 5th." ouch.

2. "Twin boys?!?! Oh my goodness..I am sooo sorry. I will start praying for you right now."
I am convinced that I have the best option out there for twins. They are not identical and it is two boys! What more could I ask for?! When all of your girls are crying in their rooms and wearing skimpy clothing, my boys will be outside playing basketball and protecting their mama. Don't object- these thoughts get me through each day. : )

3. "So, do you have any stretch marks yet?" answer: nunya business.
by the way, stay on the safe side and don't ask a pregnant woman this question. thanks.

4. "Are you going to name them Chip and Dale?"

5. drum roll please....this one came from my neighbor when I met her in our front yard to chit chat.: "Wow Kara, you look really good today. The last time I saw you, you looked really bloated." (She even made hand motions to make her face look much larger than it was.)
Rule: When giving a compliment to someone, don't try to make it sound better by comparing it to an insult of that same person.

We got our maternity pictures taken this week. Hopefully today I will be able to go and look at the proofs. I LOVE pictures, and our photographer is so gifted with what she does.

This weekend is our Abilene Baby Shower. Should be lots of fun!

Names to cross off your list: Trevor, Brett, Joshua, & Aidan.


Cortni said...

Hi Kara! I am Cassie Henley's sister...Cortni. I love reading your blog and am so excited for you and Zach and your precious twin boys!

After I read this post I just had to comment on your #2. I have a 15 month old son...and while he is only one...boys are GREAT! I was terrified of boys (as I have 3 sisters and didn't know the first thing to do with a boy) but he is the sweetest thing ever! I know your 2 boys will be the same!!

*Courtney* said...

Kara, that list is hilarious! You're right, some weird things are said to you when you're pregnant. I'm still unsure how to take this "compliment"...Wow! You are really showing now, look how big you've gotten. I'm usually like, thanks, I guess. And about the boys, I agree. I think God knows exactly what gender you can handle and when, so you are BLESSED to be getting 2 boys! Congrats on 28 are SO close! :)

benay said...

a few things...

one of my kindergarten kids in my group asked me yesterday if I was having a baby. granted I was wearing an empire waist shirt for the first and last time.

secondly, I literally can't think of any boy names left since you have crossed all of them off. I'm afraid they are going to be weird names. Please don't pick too weird of names.

third, i am having major wedding nightmares like I am forgetting something huge. I may be calling your for advice soon. I love you and Zach and those babies.