Wednesday, January 24, 2007

That's What Friends Are For

When I got home from work yesterday there was a large package on the front porch. I was sooo excited! (Isn't getting mail and packages the greatest?!)
Then I saw that it was from my longest best friend Benay. We have known each other for 22 years! She is one of those people who make me laugh all the time, and we can pick up conversations right where we left off- even if it has been months since we last talked. Anyways, she is wonderful and I love her!
The box had three separate gifts that were wrapped. The first one I opened was the movie Twins with Arnold Schwartzenegger (sp?!) and Danny DiVito. It made me laugh so hard! great movie...

The second was this book! I love it!

Both Zach and my names are in this book. For my name it says that if you have a child without any lips then Kara is a perfect name. I've never thought about that before...but I guess it makes sense.
It said that if you name your child Zachary or Zach then he will be faced with all sorts of indignities. ie. being last in line at the cafeteria, sitting in the back of the classroom, getting the last set of PE clothes that are torn and nasty...etc.
It has some pretty funny stuff in it!

The last gift was this book:

I have already started reading this one, and I love it so far! The author is super funny, and she gives very practical advice. There is even a chapter that her husband wrote to fellow fathers of twins. It made me laugh out loud because I could hear Zach's voice saying everything that this dad wrote. Anyways, so far it has been my favorite pregnancy book.

Thanks Benay for some great gifts! You know me well!

Go ahead and mark these off your list: Harry, Gary, Vinson *although Zach likes this one...?*, Eddie, Zane, Douglas, Richard, Foy, & Paul. By the way, these are all family names from both Zach and my side.


Blake&Moriah said...

Foy... Love it. Only 3 more weeks! Did Heather call you??

Nicole said...

That looks and sounds like an awesome book. Pregnancy can be a VERY funny thing, huh?

Kate said...

What an exciting gift to come home to! Hope you learn a lot of interesting facts!