Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dos Ninos!

I'll get straight to the point...

Zach and I found out this morning that we are having TWO BOYS!!!!! We are beyond excited about having boys, and love to think about everything that little boys bring into the world!

It has been a rough week for us. After spending 2 weeks in Muleshoe, we came back to Abilene last Wednesday night. On Thursday morning I woke up sick, but I wanted to make it to my scheduled doctor's appointment soooo badly...so I went to the appointment hoping that he would tell me the sex of the babies regardless of my condition. Well, as soon as he walked into our room I started throwing up. Not only would he not do the sonogram, but he sent me straight to the hospital! I spent the next 24 hours in the hospital with IV fluids keeping me going. It was not very fun at all, but I did get to meet a lot of the nurses on the Labor/Delivery Ward. They were all VERY nice, and I will feel very comfortable going there in the future. *Hopefully only for the delivery and not for another virus. Even though Zach was sick too, he took very good care of me. Such a stud.

The weekend was spent with the Sheets family here in Abilene. We moved Tyler's stuff out of his house, and we moved Landon's stuff in at Sarah's house. It was a weekend full of extreme emotions, but through it all, we have felt God's presence.

Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers, letters, emails, flowers, hugs, tears, shoulders, phone calls....etc. We have been overwhelmed with comfort.

God has blessed us with the joy of babies in the midst of grief. Two boys....I can't WAIT!!!!!!!!

I am 19 weeks prego.

Zach is showing the boys essential toys to have.

Just having fun!


erika said...

Yea!!! You will be the best boy parents (or girl for that matter). I'm praying for those little boys and can't wait to see them. You look great, Kara, like a real mom!

Candy said...

Oh yes!! I am so excited - for you two and for us!!! What fun! Great post Kara. You are amazing. Love you so much.

Nicole said...

We are SO excited about "the boys". That is going to be so much fun to say!!! You still look amazing. I just love you both. :) Jude is going to love showing "the boys" about sports. So tell Zach he has back up if he needs it!!

Kate said...

Woo hoo! Such exciting news! We love you four and are thrilled for you!

C Henley said...

You look precious and I cannot wait to meet the little guys! How much fun will your house be:)

Summer said...

Oh my goodness. I haven't seen you in about 4 days and the twins have grown already! I meant the twins in your belly. . . really. Be safe when you drive home. Roads are bad. Love ya'll!

benay said...

i got a little choked up looking at these! you're adorable and i can't wait to meet my honorary nephews (because lord knows my brother won't have any kids soon). Love you!

my 2 cents said...

Congrats!! How exciting!

mrs. mayo said...

Oh my gosh! How exciting Kara! Cora will have 2 little boyfriends! We are so happy for ya'll. Glad you are feeling better- we are continuing to keep you and Zach in our prayers.

Folding said...

Hi Kara,

I'm Bernita's cousin, Sunny (Free) Folding, Zach's cousin-once-removed. My sister, Sydni, sent me your blogspot. It's great! It's fun for me to get a peek into Zach's life ... and yours! ;)

We've been shedding many tears, along with you, about Tyler's death. I have to remind myself sometimes that he's actually gone. Wow; what a hit. I can only imagine what you all have been going through the past few weeks.

Congratulations on your expectationS! :) That is really exciting news. We're really happy for you!

Come see my MySpace if you'd like: www.myspace.com/sunnyfolding. My husband is four months into his first preaching position, here in Tucson, AZ. It's exciting! There's so much work to be done in the kingdom. It's a privilege to share in that work with the likes of you and Zach.

With love, Sunny Folding