Monday, September 25, 2006

Last night, Zach talked me into going to 9 o'clock devo at University Church.
Honestly, 9 o'clock devo was one of the main things that attracted me to ACU. I grew up in a small church with a small youth group. That meant that when we sang together, we sounded pretty bad. I visited ACU when my brother Andy was a sophomore, and we got the opportunity to attend the 9 o'clock devo- it was amazing. I remember thinking how I never knew singing worship could sound so beautiful. The church was packed, and everyone was just surrounded by a sense of peace.
When I started at ACU, the devo was still packed and beautiful. Unfortunately, during my 4 years at ACU, the attendance declined, and the beautiful sound turned into something I was very familiar to hearing at my old church. Eventually, I quit going.
I am here to tell you now- 9 O'CLOCK DEVO IS BACK! Last night was a beautiful night where Zach and I were able to worship in a very unique and wonderful way. I am so excited for the students who get to experience it in a way that I didn't. The church is packed, and the singing is nothing but uplifting. It was great.

Something else is back on the ACU Campus as well...FOOTBALL!!! ACU Wildcats are now 3-0 (which hasn't happened since 1993)! They won on Saturday 31-0. Sweet sweet victory. Ya's fun when your university acutally has school spirit...maybe it's beginning to happen.

Our little boy Duke is getting much bigger. He can now sit, shake, and get down on command. He's a smart little guy. He loves to cuddle at night just before I go to sleep- which makes my heart warm.


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Kenli Shea said...

That warms my heart too.

Summer said...

I am so glad that you are here and that we are friends. I appreciate your thoughts and your heart. And for the record, from now on, whenever I have a really bad day, I think it would be made just a little bit brighter by seeing you again in the 80's pantsuit and belt. It warms my heart just to think of it.