Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dearest readers,
I must apologize for my lack of blogging lately. No excuses, just sorry!

Let’s see what is new in the Sheets world:

- Thanks to Sarah C (and constant persuading from Zach) I have joined Hendrick Health Club. I have already gone to 2 Body Combat classes and they are so fun! We get to pretend like we are in a street fight and punch the air and do kicks and elbow jabs. Today’s class was especially hard because there were 3 guy instructors and they had HIGH energy! Another class I went to was RPM aka. Spin Class, Cycling.. anyways, I thought I was going to throw up when the class was over. It is 1 hour of intense cycling, and it is freaking hard. It will be tough to go back into that class, but I am determined to give it another shot ( as soon as I get some padded shorts..eek)

- 17 days until Zach and me leave for Cancun! We are SOOO excited. I have never been to Cancun, but I have been to the Dominican Republic and I loved it. Hopefully I will come back golden and relaxed!

- I don’t know if I will make it through a whole summer with no Grey’s Anatomy. Oh my word, that show is AMAZING! I found myself thinking all day today about how sad I am for Izzie, and how confused I am about Derek and Meredith. I can’t think of a better TV show. Luckily, my co-workers watch it too, so we can talk about it and process our thoughts. It’s great!

- My brother has his first girlfriend. Let me tell you, his patience paid off (he’s 25). His girlfriend is beautiful, and I really look forward to hanging out with them soon. This is the most exciting news in our family for the year, and if you know him, you should tell him congrats! He is very happy.

- My oldest brother graduated from Univ. of Arkansas with his PhD in Physics. He is a genius who has worked so hard in school his whole life. I am so proud of his achievements, and I know he will be doing some amazing, cutting-edge things in his life/career. Congrats Andy! You’re awesome! (and you have the most adorable baby I have ever seen!)

- Zach got a new truck last week. It’s pretty cool- 4 door, Chevy, dark blue, satellite radio. He deserves it, his old truck was pretty worn out.

OK, that’s enough typing for now. Sorry to bore you, I just thought updating my blog with something is better than leaving it empty.


Candy said...

I love when you update, Kara! Congrats to the bros! Cool news on both parts. And wow - new wheels for Zach - impressive. Do you guys still have a boat? If so, tell him to pull it out here and take this kid out on the water. He needs some positive young male influence. ugh.

Kate said...

I'm glad you updated! Good for you for joining the Health Club! I'm definitely going to miss it while I'm in Kansas. And that's so exciting that ya'll are going to Cancun! Have a wonderful time! I'm glad you got to see your family last weekend. We missed you on Sunday! Hopefully I'll see you around soon!

mother brown said...

I'm glad you updated too. Tired of looking at the same thing......
Laura went to church (Maypearl) with Adam this morning. Emmit preached. good. They came here for lunch with Kelly and kids, we watched, "Corpse Bride"- really cute- Macie already knew all the words to the songs! Now, Gary has taken them flying. We helped Rodney and Julie get moved in yesterday, but they are returning to LA for one more week.
Talk at you later. love you bunches!!!!!!!!