Saturday, November 26, 2005

Pyramid Schemes
I am going to let you all in on a pet peeve of mine. As I am getting older and experiencing more things, there are more things that are starting to get on my nerves. Pyramid schemes is one of them. Whatever it is - I am not interested! I guess these things on their own wouldn't be too bad, but it gets hard when your "friends" get involved with this stuff. One day you will be sitting around the house and get a phone call. It will be an old friend that you haven't talked to in years! How exciting to catch up and remember some old memories. They say they are passing through town and just want to stop by to visit and catch up more in person. Wonderful! So, you clean the house, get some lunch food ready, and prepare to have some visiting time. Well, they come over and the first 15 mintues is just great- lot's of stories & laughs...but happens. All of the sudden a harmless conversation about how work is going leads to "Well, hey man, are you interested in making more money, because I have just the thing for you" Oh NO! So you kindly say "No thanks, we are really busy right now and satisfied with what we are doing" But that doesn't work. It takes about 5 times of nicely saying no before it starts to get awkward in the room. Then you begin to sense that they are getting mad! Then it hits you that the only reason they called, came over, talked for 15 minutes about actual life was to eventually get you to sale their "life changing product" in the Abilene area. SICK!!! (btw- this is not a true story, just different actual events compiled together to make this nightmare.) By the time they leave, they are mad, you are disgusted, and the friendship is no longer. That is...until they are ready to try again.
So, all of you who are involved in these types of occupations, please do not call us. We do not want more money, we do not want a job "that just takes 20-30 minutes a week!", and we do not feel guilty in any way by telling our "friends" to never talk to us about that opportunity again. In fact, I will let you know a better way to handle it. Just give us a call, tell us that you are very successful and want to talk to us about what your involved in, and we will say "Awesome! C',mon over" To me, that is just a much more honest way to deal with it.
Ok, I'm done.
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We have all been blessed beyond what we deserve. Let's store up our treasures in heaven.


aushog said...
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aushog said...

Remember that time you straight hated on me for being awkward? Seriously, this is the second time. You did it in front of that new married couple (that will remain nameless) when I asked them how their honeymoon was and you assumed I was being naughty and talking about their first time to have sex. Give me some credit; I work for Jesus, seriously!