Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkins, Costumes & Parades

Whitney and I decided to take the kiddos to the local pumpkin patch this week. I'm pretty sure we picked the absolute worst time to go. There was a pre-school taking a field trip, and about 80-100 kiddos were running around like crazy! They were having a blast, but it was a little difficult to get my two boys to pose for a picture when kids where running in front of my camera and posing for pictures with Will & Levi. Poor Whitney had a little crowd of kids trying to figure out why Peyton was under a blanket when Whit was trying to discreetly feed her. One little boy kept trying to lift up the blanket. hahaha...gotta love the curiosity of little kids! We did manage to get a few good photos though..

Will & Levi found their good friend Tyrone while he was working at the Patch.

Cutie Pa-Toooties.

Poor Peyton was not too pleased. It was a windy day, and Levi didn't know quite what to do...

Will looking too old to be my baby.

Levi was trying to console Peyton. Poor girl just didn't want to snuggle : )

Levi riding his pumpkin

I think this picture looks hilarious. It resembles a business man/tough rancher pose.
He's a man's man.

After a little snack, Peyton was ready for some pictures. Sweet girl. About 6 weeks old.

The boys had their costume parade at school yesterday, and they were soo excited to finally wear their costumes! They decided on their own this year what they wanted to be for Halloween. It was pretty funny because they told us a few weeks ago before we even started talking about Halloween! Without further very favorite pirate and cowboy-super man! (That's right...not just superman, but Cowboy-Superman.)

Halloween Memories:

2007: Charlie Brown & Snoopy

2008: Karate Kid & Mr. Miyagi

2009: CHiPs: Ponch & John

2010: Pirate & Superman Cowboy
Happy Halloween everyone!